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Terms and Conditions

GURUTTAM believes in privacy of its customers with care and treats them confidential. We have given more details on privacy policy, disclaimer policy, terms and condition as user agreement in general terms and specific terms below for the benefit of the customers to read and understand.

Data Privacy Policy

  • We maintain and treat all clients’ data or information in strict confidence as a part of our client engagement model.
  • We always encourage our client to inform us to our official contacts on discrepancy (if any). Guruttam quality assurance and control system ensures to secure client data, trust, reliability and transparency in business code of conduct. Only authorized stakeholders, as identified in this proposal or engagement, are allowed to use
  • Data information used by Guruttam will be only with the consent of clients approval if used outside the context of current business engagement or agree to privacy policy
  • Data used as a part of Guruttam Assessment Framework is truly intended for client servicing

General Code of Conduct

  • Guruttam believes in collaborative development model in business engagement with client or partners where core values of professionalism and ethical business conduct are maintained in very high spirit during client servicing.
  • Guruttam collaborative model helps client minimize administrative procurement lead time
  • Guruttam and its partner conducts business on principles of fair dealing giving value to client’s relationship with the company, thus, Guruttam and its partner expects that its clients will demonstrate a similar level of professionalism.
  • As such, it is imperative for both parties (client or the buyer and seller or the solution provider) not to engage in any transgression to preserve the legitimate business interests of each party. This includes not enticing or soliciting employees of either side to leave their employment and join a competitor / client.


We keep all information concerning you on servers secured to the available technological support. We take data security seriously and endeavor to protect this data. In addition to normal precautions such as physical security, firewalls, and intrusion detection software, we employ strict security policies and procedures that govern the management of both physical and logical infrastructure. These policies and practices, however, may not apply to information that is transferred offline.

Say NO to fraudulent submits or actions

User using the form agree that there is no fraudulent submits in any form manually or electronically or automated or semi automated or email grabbing or spy-bots or robots or any other means of submission which the Company sees is an offence. Any such offences committed will be treated in the court of cyber-crime India office. Motivation to deceive, SPAM or attack or spread threat directly or indirectly by falsely registering and take away or damage material either electronically or manually or personally property will be treated as offense and will book under cyber-crime laws of India. Also any motivation to deceive company or its employees through undue email request for information gathering to deceive or false words or by attending the part of training without fulfilling defined process, payments or other such requirements or materials possession physically or by electronic media (transfer, download, capturing) via copying or internet and any or all such things without fulfilling company procedures is liable for legal actions.


A "cookie" is a small text file placed on your computer. It identifies your computer to whoever placed the cookie, and could contain information about you although ours do not. We may use cookies to help us know the use of our site, so that we can better understand what information is most valuable to users. Cookies are commonly used on the Internet for various purposes.

Other sites, infrastructure or content partners

We provide links that take you to other web sites. We encourage you to review privacy and other policies at third party sites you visit, since those sites are not bound to follow our policies. Webhosting or email hosting or dot com or dedicated servers or such servers on which rely on secured transaction of data may not bind us in case any problem arising from such infrastructure or support.


We may amend these information periodically, especially as we add new services to our site. Accordingly, please check this part of our site from time to time to see if there has been a change. The current policy will be in effect for any claims. Any error grammatical errors or misinterpretation of can not be claimed.

Information Collection and Use

The website uses Javascripts(JS). Any persistence object with respect to technological requirement would happen which is out of our control and this JavaScript is inbuilt to make as convenience for users visiting the site. You can consult your administrator if JS has to be activated to view this website correctly. For your information most of the users activate it or is available with most of the safe browsers. We may collect the information that you voluntarily submit when you use certain services, register on or visit our site, request additional information available through the site or enter promotions or sweepstakes. Such collected information may be shared with our content partners and others to provide you with more information. It is our practice to provide an opportunity for any person to remove themselves from our distribution list by sending a request to below email address stating "remove" in your subject.


We use our own captcha form to avoid automatic inputs to us which is a alpha release version. We constantly research to improve our security development available in our releases to minimize any loss or damages occurring and we are not responsible on undue events occurring which out of our control. All data collected are used only as convenience purpose for you to reach us quicker through online but we dont own any error caused due to its use. We have adopted this due to the claim of being anti-spam. In case you get mails that is not intended for you please delete it and inform us about the same. All materials are proprietary and any wrong reference to trademarks or copyright materials can forward an email request notifying with specific details for modifications. User admission to training is company discretion and cannot be claim admission rights.

Minimal timeline window to start any engagement with the client should be honored as requested in each/respective proposal communicated to the client or 30 days advance whichever is higher. Any short notice may have effect in quality deliverable and clients agree of such case in case of insistence and cannot be qualify for any future disputes or claim of non-performance.

Guruttam does not warrant or assume any liability or responsibility, directly or indirectly, for any inconvenience, loss, damage, misunderstanding caused to any third party or partners arising out of the unauthorized use of the information contained in this proposal or deliverable performance. All claims will be sufficiently considered for review in a professional manner if it is brought to the notice of Guruttam, say as an example, objectionable items, write ups, documents, agreed non-performance etc that the stakeholder of this engagement may feel offending or is against their business interest during the business engagement. Actuals may differ from the proposal in scope of project progressive elaboration.

Schedule changes and Refund policy :
Course Fees and schedules are subject to change based on availability of venues, seats availability, or minimum batch enrollment requirements and any such other factors governing us to conduct. Please note that the refund policy as 20% less from paid course fee will be given if there is a minimum of 20 days of notice in advance by the registered candidate. Candidates registered on discounts or group discounts will be charged 25% less as refund from the paid course fee. The course fee refunds will be sent by cheque to the candidates address only after 15 working days to the candidates who are notified as eligible for refunds for the request mail for the candidates. Any short-time notification (5 days or less) or part-time attendance we are may not be in a position to refund since all the expenses would have been incurred by us for conducting the training. We are not responsible for any courier or postal delays that may cause the delays. Any postponement for next available batch will be charged Rs. 2500 for candidate"s side changes or informed unavailability to the announced schedule.

We strictly encourage to register only after payment realization for the respective courses or such matters. We prefer you to request in writing of such matters for a request of accommodating for the next batch that is solely a discretionary to Guruttam to oblidge as we believe that there are quite a few aspirants whose rights we need to consider as well, along with our operation procedures and cannot replace their rights because of delays caused of any reason of debate arising. GURUTTAM will not be responsible for any loss or damages caused due to couriers, delays or any other source of causes considered as a disturbances to our training events. Also any S-P-A-M emails that you may consider as so should be properly notified to us through email because it is likely that there might external electronic fraudsters who may misuse without our notice. We strongly believe in anti-spam or any other such e-fraudulent.


. . Enrollment is confirmed only on realization of payments. We are not responsible for delays caused by banks, couriers etc.
. Avoid delays by last time course fee payments as we want to give equal opportunity to all the aspirants .
. We do not accept part payments on course fees.
. Any specific third-party related queries we always recommend to refer or contact them.
. All proposals are valid for 30 days only or for the Offer period whichever is earlier.
. We go by our quality training that imparts confidence and preparedness rather on the guarantees. We do not sell oranges for apples.
. We strive to serve you best to transcend your expectation.
. Certification is issued for those who successfully complete the training.
. No part of our material shall be reproduced nor will it be used by competitive purpose in any disguised form.
. No part of our material shall be recorded/captured nor will it be used by own/competitive purpose in any disguised form.
. No demand on change of venue will be entertained by specific person or persons.
. No claims can be as damage or compensation due to power failures or earthquakes or such normal or abnormal incidents.
. All legalities will be dealt in the court of law (Chennai. Tamilnadu.)
. Discounts, Venues, Dates are subject to changes and cannot be claimed.
. Fees remitted cannot be claimed or compensated by any means or refunded unless it is as per refund policy aforesaid.
. We are here to provide quality training.
. Food will not be served for when the batch as minimal enrollment. Please make necessary arrangements. As far as possible we try to serve it but this cannot be part of our package.
. Any suggestions on PMI related queries we are not responsible and please be aware that have sufficient information to guide you.

These are our current internal guidelines, which we make you aware of as a convenience. This is not a contract. Also, all Trademark or Copyrights belong to the respective owners of mention in our content. Example, PMI (Project Management Institute Inc) are the registered owners of PMP®, PMBOK® Guide or any such marks pertaining to them. 

These are only a general practice and the entire formats/ procedures / may change when applying so I shall refer to PMI website and study their relevant document regarding my application. Any illustrations/ samples/ case studies/ etc is to get an idea and bears no actual reference to any individual or company and if identical is only coincidental. Also, as responsible aspirants shall cross-check with PMI credentials and other relevant information for its true source information. I also agree that Guruttam has no legal binding or to my claims at any point of time on any of above information or such information that I think is abstract or unclear and for no such reasons cannot be held responsible or accountable or both due to delays in inside or outside operations or shall not debate such matters in person or in court of law. The decision I take is all by my own judgment as an aspirant and in no way is a negative propaganda or influence by Guruttam as seen in the information provided for wider audience and also agree that Guruttam does not represent or registered education provider or is a substitute to PMI. I have also gone through privacy and disclaimer policy of Guruttam mentioned here or elsewhere in the website or in other format of representation presently or in future.

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