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We have updated few contents - Slides and Quizzes - on Relationship Managmeent, Management Process Summary. 

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Relationship Management and Process Summary has been added in the user reading along with slides based.

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There are new posts in Forum in Project Time Management and Project Scope Management.
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There are few queries answered in Project Time Management. Members are requested to login and make a reading. 

Vijaya New Year Wishes ( Posted :14-Apr-2013 07:27 )

New Year Wishes to all our friends across boundaries. 
We are glad to announce, this Guruttam © software educational platform. 
It now contains new feature addition to Mobile Web App software for your use. 
This is available for limited people to motivate and get benefited.

1. Reading (Assignments and Evaluation of Assignment Submission, Notes, Jump To Page)
2. Quiz (Report)
3. Email login and password change private to members in My Profile
4. My Profile - Build Relations Based on Interest, Deeds (unique concept)
5. Slides -  Topic Wise
6. Discussion Forum - Topic wise. Feel free to post your doubts.
7. Progress Reports - General Usage, Relationometer (Forum contribution, Notes submission etc), Reports - Topic wise, Level wise, date wise, login wise etc
8. Community Email - Next release...Those related can exchange emails.

Give us your support and reference , we are sure to reciprocate.

Also, interested members at your free time can check , another example helping kids on academic exams (10th std CBSE). If any of your friends a working class or parent wishing to start a virtual learning center, say TeachMyTeam, TeachMySubject, TeachMyKid (literally any subject Indian languages, science, football, painting, arts etc)  with software-as-service model please let us know.  

Please feel free to use and let us know how you feel.  

K Srikanth, PMP
+91 98409 10400

Indian New Year Launch ( Posted :12-Apr-2013 06:00 )

Just a day after New Year this year, we have upgraded our mobile web app portal with Guruttam software for Project Management aspirants, so that they can benefit from it. Thanks once again for patience, trust and encouragement.

Guruttam - Mobile Web Educational Platform ( Posted :19-Feb-2013 09:00 )

We are glad to launch Second avatar, just an year after, with much more features and in fact a fully functional educational platform today. This educational system packed with content management system features opens new avenues to professionals from any industry (Finance, Manufacturing, Education, Community, Engineering, Banking, Insurance, and other corporate offices) to set up their training material and extend knowledge sharing to their trainees. No wonder, it can also be for Parents, who wish to guide their kids with topics on parenting, homework, revision for exams, quiz, measure of progress, discuss, assign, share, establish connections with other parent community or their children all under one roof, that is GURUTTAM. We are sure we can go miles ahead with your support. What makes us unique, we make you a part of it. Guruttam is a copyright registered software owned by K SRIKANTH, PMP.

PMP, Agile, BPM Mobile Web App based Training - First in India ( Posted :29-Feb-2012 09:00 )

We are glad to take new avatar from web to Mobile Web App platform today. Our members would be glad to use this right from their Mobile devices. Our focus of this launch is to enable a platform for Project Management aspirants to use best of our services since 2007. It is a proof of our relation with our customers.