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If you have PMBOK®Guide,

Option 1

1. Take 9 Sheets write each keywords that come to your mind (it can be excel sheet also)
2. Go through each sheet and compare what you have missed in PMBOK
3. Organize the words into I/TT/O that you wrote randomly in step 1 of cycle 1.
4. Repeat cycle

Option 2

1. Have a excel sheet
2. 1st column write whatever keywords and have as many copies of this sheet for next cycle.
3. Sort 1st column alphabetically
4. write in KA Name, Process Name, I/TT/O in 2nd , 3rd, 4th column respectively.
5. Check with the books and your score
6. Repeat 3 for copied sheet

Option 3

Take any random test if your score is above 85 it is good.
Finally you can scribble/write everything in a single A4 sheet as bullet points/diagrams you are probably ready for exam.