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We help individual and corporate members to achieve their goal of becoming seasoned project management professional through standard and custom training modules as per the experience.


PMPGuru training is suitable for experienced project management professional across industry aspiring for PMP certification or apply acquired knowledge asset to the demands of project dynamics. Successful trained candidates will be awarded 35 PDU completion certificates. This help aspirants to apply for PMP exam.

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CAPMGuru training is suitable for budding project manager professionals across industry. This training is optional requirement for exam appearance. Most budding managers choose this due of lack of practical exposure in many facets of project management.

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ProjectLibre(earlier called as OpenProj) is an open source software having similar functions and interface of popular MS-Project® or Oracle Primavera®. Suitable for project manager across industry. It gives a practical hands-on to the key areas of project management.

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Agile project management, an approach that attracts stakeholder to work on abstract project scope definition and develiver quality result in shorter span, collaborative and incremental way.

Stick notes, Story-boards, Sprints, Masters new buddies to help you. Enrol and get equipped now!.

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Available Mode

Classroom , On-line Interactive, Self-Paced - Web or Mobile(for existing members only)

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Studious win

We welcome aspirants who believe success is self-driven and that books, downloads, etc are catalysts not a replacement to studious effort. Thats our first lesson we share. So, if you think what we say is right, you may take a test with us and win upto 50% discount. Conditions apply. Subscribe your interest with contact details to take an entrance test on Project Management and get ready for the takeaways. Our job is to make you realize best of your winning potential, no doubt so we are called as Guruttam.

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If you have PMBOK®Guide,

Option 1

1. Take 9 Sheets write each keywords that come to your mind (it can be excel sheet also)
2. Go through each sheet and compare what you have missed in PMBOK
3. Organize the words into I/TT/O that you wrote randomly in step 1 of cycle 1.
4. Repeat cycle

Option 2

1. Have a excel sheet
2. 1st column write whatever keywords and have as many copies of this sheet for next cycle.
3. Sort 1st column alphabetically
4. write in KA Name, Process Name, I/TT/O in 2nd , 3rd, 4th column respectively.
5. Check with the books and your score
6. Repeat 3 for copied sheet

Option 3

Take any random test if your score is above 85 it is good.
Finally you can scribble/write everything in a single A4 sheet as bullet points/diagrams you are probably ready for exam.
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BPM sample 1
Note here that activity is defined with emails arrivals, timer at 1800 hrs that are configured as BPM and if orchestrated can take real advantage over static flowcharts. source: Close
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