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We impart online and in person training sessions on Project Management to corporate and professionals (e.g. for CAPM / PMP certification aspirants) . Our team is also capable of providing Safety, Health, Environment, Security, Quality (SHESQ), Corporate Governance, Risks(e.g forensic accounting) Compliance, Strategy, and Business management training.

We help individual and corporate members to achieve their goal of becoming seasoned project management professional through standard and custom training modules as per the experience.

About Safety, Heath, Environment, Security and Quality

In the course of carrying out business, Occupational Health and Safety has come to play a role more predominant than ever before. So much so that standards such as BS OHSAS 18001 have been developed for managing the OH&S aspects in a scientific, systematic fashion. In a rapidly globalizing scenario, a crucial determining factor for being eligible to conduct business, is the Organisation’s record of and practices for ensuring utmost safety to all stakeholders involved – employees, visitors, neighbours and other interested parties. This means the Managers in an Organisation need to be empowered with knowledge and tools for managing the OH&S systems.

Every Engineering / Science / Management student is destined to don the Managerial role right at very early stages in his career. While the University teaches him on all the technical concepts in robust detail, the aspect of OH&S is not covered in adequate detail.

SHE-S-Q Management Training developed by the experts at LTS GLOBAL is designed to be a crucial supplement to such students. The Training covers topics such as Safety, Health, Environment, Quality, Completions, Equipment Strategies, Documentation and Lessons Learned Management. The syllabus is drawn from applicable ISO codes 9001/14001 and BS OHSAS 18001, and standard practices in Multinational Organisations.

This program is recommended for management skill development

  • • Nobody Gets Hurt
  • • I will not Get Hurt today
  • • Zero Tolerance to Safety Violations
  • • No Business Objective is Greater than Safety
  • • If work is not done safely, it is not done at all
  • • A Project is a failure even if there is just one Safety Incident
  • • Everyone must return home just as he came in for work
  • • Project is a colossal failure if it is completed at the cost of a limb

In the context of a transnational corporation, these slogans represent a mindset, a policy, a culture, that is wholly OBLIGATORY to every employee of the Corporation. Non-compliance to the regulations under the policy is often ground for outright dismissal. Primary Business Objective is to accomplish goal in a Safe manner, to the required Quality, Cost and Schedule. Safety is top Priority, because

  • • Human health, life and limbs are priceless
  • • The workman owes it to his family to return home exactly the way he comes to work
  • • The Employer owes it to the worker to enable him return home without loss of health, life or limbs
  • • Ensuring worker Health, and protecting and Preserving the Environment from damage due to the Business is a paramount obligation on any Employer
  • • Commercially, compliance to Safety, Health, Environment, Security and Quality regulations is much less expensive compared to the cost of non-compliance
  • • Next in the Hierarchy after SHE is of course Quality. This means work is carried out in compliance with the Specifications stipulated by the Design Group
  • • It must be realised that unless a Project is delivered in total compliance to the Project Specifications, it will constitute a hidden Safety
  • • Hazard, much like a hidden time bomb biding its time to explode, thereby putting life and limb at risk
  • • Cost cannot be cited as a constraint when accomplishment of Safety and Quality goals is at stake
  • • IT Systems Audit & Business Process Compliance

At the end of the course on SHES-Q, the Trainee will be able to

  • • Appreciate the basic concepts of Safety, Heath, Environment, Security and Quality
  • • Understand and imbibe important tools used in Corporations around the world for Managing and Accomplishing SHES-Q goals
  • • Build within himself, a pro-active consciousness both in mind and spirit regarding SHES-Q tools and goals
  • • Step into a transnational Corporation with an advanced understanding of its SHES-Q culture


  • • Online Training, running to 50 hours of learning online
  • • The concepts taught in this Course are Universal in nature, and are applicable to all types of Industries engaged in Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction, Product Handling (hazardous or otherwise) or Services
  • • To drive home the concepts, reference will be extensively made to the Operations and Construction practices in a Hazardous Petrochemical Industry

Management Education Solution Education Platform Solution (EPS)

What would you do if you buy a new notebook from a bookstore? You may either want to use it for teaching or learning.

Guruttam© software as service is as simple as that. It can be used by a Mentor (guru or teacher, parent, employer, community head, skilled colleague, learned, etc) to start training programs, author topics, share, assess, feedback, discuss (all progressively) to those Mentee (kids at home, school or college student, employee, unskilled colleague, learner etc.). Virtually you can start an institute with this. So you decide, as what you want to have.

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