Project Time Management

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Schedule of Work

'How a project efficiently organizes or schedule the activities and employ resources within expected time frame.'-Guruttam. Scope of work remain in paper and result as an deliverable product if only when it is physically performed. Schedule is arrived by listing tasks or activities for the scope of work and resources identified. Successful completion in the expected time frame depends on three main factors -
+) organizing of tasks or activities
+) right assignment of resources
+) continuous schedule reviews.

Organizing of tasks may be constrained or influenced during planning by project mandates, resource constraints, organizational culture - methodology, voice of customer, adhoc, conventional or agile approaches etc., and during work in progress, as a good practice, consistent application of standard or custom tools for continuous reviews - measures and controls enabling better yield or improvements.

Scheduling of project scope may be additionally managed by
+) project development methodology based scheduling
+) e.g. Critical path or chaining method or backlogs or parking lots etc
+) risks perceived in scope of work(including ambiguity)
+) risks reserved for scope of work(including ambiguity)
+) resource availability, skills and resourcefulness
+) single or multi-project work environment
+) similar project experiences
+) customer or market influences or demand

Project Time Management Tips

Scheduling Examples
• Priority based
• Task based
• Resource based

Some of commonly used tools are
• Scheduling Software
• Scrum backlogs
• Estimation and forecasting
• Reserves, Buffers, Floats, Charts
• CPM, CCPM, Analysis, Simulation
• Planning and revision controls
• EVM, SPI, throughput, productivity

Project Schedule Formats

• Histogram
• Gantt charts
• Network diagram
• Sequence diagram
• Milestone summary
• Release roadmap

Question and Answer

1. For acceptance of estimate on a work activity, emphasis is on
• Basis of estimate
• Ball park estimate
• Scheduling Software
• Complexity of work

2. In schedule network critical path what would help to adjust resource planning of an activity
• Buffer value
• Reserve value
• Resource cost value
• Float value

1. Basis of estimate
2. Float value