Project Relationship Management

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Project relationship management

'Building trust and relations among project stakeholders.'-Guruttam. Expectations either make or break relationship. When project expectations are set and managed to the best extent, then, ethics, maturity, confidence and trust grow. Managing relationship among people and organization imbibes good value and culture.

Internal or external stakeholders play significant role in the project. They check the outcome (positive or negative) affecting them. Internal stakeholders - management authorities, co-workers, sponsors, skilled resources, team members. External stakeholders - customers, governmental agencies, regulatory boards, public, partner, individuals, groups and organization, vendor or suppliers.

Stakeholder analysis and genuine relation building enable stakeholder to support on project activities or outcome. Expectations analysis and expectation management of stakeholder when addressed project maintain good relationship among stakeholders. Following may be some example for good standing and long term relationship -

+) Active listener
+) Respect privacy and pain points
+) Demonstration of understanding
+) Alternate options or solutions
+) Cost effective solutions
+) Critical update and communications
+) General and interpersonal skills
+) Reciprocate trusts
+) Professionalism

Most often project manager faces different customers both internal and external with varied expectations. Most often everyone expects relationship to last and maintained in good standing irrespective of issues or problem that occur during project life cycle.

Project relationship management examples
+) Customer relationship
+) Trade relationship
+) Vendor relationship
+) Sponsor relationship
+) Team relationship
+) Public and Social relationship
+) Environmental relationship
+) Political relationship
+) Technology relationship

Some of commonly used tools are
+) Stakeholder analysis
+) Expectations analysis
+) Contract agreements
+) Non-disclosure agreements
+) Formal and informal Meetings
+) Honouring deliverable commitments
+) Honouring payment commitments
+) Communications
+) Motivation

Relations may be additionally managed by
+) professional ethics
+) positive and conducive environment
+) proactive participation
+) inform on the reality
+) update, reports, and feedback
+) factual, timely, reporting
+) conflict management
+) trust, relationship

Question and Answer

1. A design company proposed futuristic design and architecture at few additional cost to customer highlighting resuability
1) Case of value engineering
2) Case of making money
3) Case of problem understanding
4) Case of technical supremacy

2. Bankers came up with an idea of adding notes while ATM withdrawal so that while it can benefit in tax calculation on the spending
1) Win customer expectation
2) Tax calculation
3) Technology capability
4) ATM feature

1. Case of problem understanding
2. Win customer expectation