Project Quality Management

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Quality of the project

'Steps taken to ensure project scope of work meets to the specification and fitness to use.'-Guruttam. A general claim is quality is subjective. What is good quality to a person may not be a good quality to other person. However, quality scope ensure that parties who are involved, agree to deliver project scope of work to the defined conditions (set measurable objectives) as quality. It means, project deliverable defects are verified before delivery and the delivery is validated for fitness of use. At a higher level, quality may be managed by following key factors -
+) Verification
+) Validation
+) Controls
+) Assurances
+) Continuous reviews
+) Organic process - learn, adopt and grow

Quality must be made part of development not an alien. Quality policy should reflect such intentions and appropriate quality standard or methods can be applied to project work. This is possibly only when proper culture is inculcated into the project members. For example, before beginning to use a highly sensitive equipment, one should follow that check list (safety lock on, indicators is green, etc.) requisite comply or satisfied.

Project quality may be additionally managed by
+) manual and automated processes
+) manual and automated simulation
+) observations and assessments
+) metrics - limits, tolerance, accuracy, goals
+) supportive orientation, example
   +) audits, compliances, reviews - variance analysis

Project Quality examples
• Finding bugs in a software
• Testing load performance of a crane
• Integration testing of mobile battery charging
• Internal audits of projects (e.g. payable vs. receivables)
• Unbiased selection of service provider or seller
• Regulatory compliances

Some of commonly used tools are
• Quality control tools
• Statistical analysis
• Cost benefit analysis
• Cost Of Quality
• Engagement and Communication
• Deep-root or Wide-bank improvements
• Observations, Inspection, Audits
• Quality standards

Question and Answer

1. Taking cue famous saying Prevention is better than cure, prevention and cure is part of
• Cost of quality
• Validation
• Risks readiness
• Quality awareness

2. If human body is a system, walking and breathing are examples of
• Process
• Method
• Standard
• Framework

1. Cost of quality
2. Process