Project Communications Management

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Project Communications management

'Managing communication among members or stakeholders of the project.'-Guruttam. Communication is a common medium across stakeholders of a project. Communication bridges the gap to build a common project context so that stakeholder coming from different background, intention and interest properly understand project expectations.

Communication requirements are analysed, planned and actioned in all formal communication. Manager employs appropriate channels, methods and tools to communicate based on the parties involved. Manager can also employ informal methods to communicate. Informative, supervisory, corrective, reporting, administrative are examples of the same.

Managing communications among people and organization ensure confidence and trust. Following may be some example for good communication -
+) Active listener
+) Positive feedback
+) Demonstration of understanding
+) Efficient and effective
+) General and interpersonal skills
+) Reciprocate trusts
+) Resourcefulness
+) Professionalism

Manager spends most of the time communicating - either writing a email, making a presentation, preparing a report to management, negotiating with contractors, motivating team members and hence forth. Effective communication rely on data, especially while submitting report or information sharing. A high level status would be sufficient for top management, while detailed report for others would be preferred. An early proactive approach on controllable events can calm and reassuring atmosphere. Good behaviour and professionalism can be earned from good communication.

May be additionally managed by
+) stakeholder analysis
+) escalation and expectation management
+) a Yes when Yes, a No when No
+) put forward assumptions
+) positive feedback
+) work status information
+) update, reports, and feedback
+) factual, timely, reporting
+) style, methods, technology
+) clear and simple verbatim or language

Project communications management examples
• Customer status update
• Trends and forecasting
• Management reports
• Conferences and gathering
• News, Appreciation, Awards
• Motivational speech
• Open and private discussion
• Set-up channel, medium, policy, guideline

Some of commonly used tools are
• Communication matrix
• In-person, virtual meeting
• Email, documenting, presenting
• Texting, networking
• Push and pull communication

Question and Answer

1. Technology oriented manager introduced video recording of all project meetings in place of documentation work
• To enhance easier communication
• To pin point issues later
• To take technology advantage
• To reduce documentation time

2. Despite supplier complaining to customer about non payment for the work closed recently, customer kept denying. First thing to do is
• Ignore or black list the supplier
• Offer an apology for delay
• Check status with issuing authority
• Send a person to meet supplier

1. To enhance easier communication
2. Check status with issuing authority