Project Change Management

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Development and Change

'Change management is applied to maintain, resolve or improve existing project scenario'-Guruttam. Change can occur at strategy level or at grass root level. Change occurrence may be due to many reasons. Chiefly it occur either for process or product improvement. Common factors are external influences, misunderstanding of scope of work, objectives, requirements, environments, communication, etc.

When a change occur, it is usually perceived negatively, likely to demand more additional effort that are either reversal of current work or more effort than the current work. However, when the corrections and benefits are better understood, change is perceived positively.

Any change that occur are likely to be managed by these key factors -
+) Source analysis
+) Causal analysis
+) Impact analysis
+) Benefit analysis
+) Configuration
+) Solution Evaluation
+) Continuous reviews

At the project management level changes draw boundary on the baseline plans or project documents because managing such thing is itself require careful synchronization, multi-dimensional communication, motivation, education, etc on the changes.

What to foresee
-) Level of changes
   +) Work performance, defective parts, new scope
   +) Observe(monitor), Control (Correct, Prevent)
-) Risks
   +) Political, Social, Supplier, Market-risks, Competitor
   +) Stakeholders
   +) Expectations map, level of attention, influencing factors etc.
-) Communications
   +) Who, What, Why, When, How analysis
   +) Informed pool

Project changes may be additionally managed by
+) configuration management system
+) documentation management system
+) logging, auditing and reporting systems
+) change review committee or board
+) control systems
+) software system
+) reviews - variance analysis

Project change examples

• Design changes due to defects
• Process or performance improvement
• Contract changes due to environment demand

Some of commonly used tools are
• Change requests
• Change logs
• Change due diligence
• Change communications
• Variance analysis

Question and Answer

1. A defaulter of a bank applies in a different name for second credit card, the bank is likely to
• Approve a credit card
• Perform duplicate checks
• Disapprove a credit card
• Provide concessions

2. While building a house, ground staff noticed soil surface was not as per plans, so they raised a change of excavation plan. Likely
• Apporval of change requests is given immediate
• Impact analysis on change requests are studied
• Concerned members or stakeholder are informed
• Award the ground staff for change requests

1. Perform duplicate checks
2. Impact analysis on change requests are studied