{"pageinfo":[{"Stamp":"pgo_4fa759522dfb4","Topic":"Quality Management","PageTo":"0","PageMark":"2","Header":{"PageNo":0,"Title":{"TitleText":"Quality Management"}},"Sections":{"Title":{"TitleText":"Quality Planning","TitleAuthor":"K Srikanth, PMP"},"Matter":[{"Para":"Project management quality defines both product quality and project managment quality. Stakeholder may perceive quality in their interest and benefit. Example, procurement manager may seek best supplier, human resource manager may seek resource to have mutliple talents, marketing manager may seek to have least-time-to-market products etc. It is in the best collabrative project interest PMO advises project quality framework under which active projects can choose quality strategies to suit for effective defect free and assured final deliverable. Lean, Kaizen, 6 sigma, CMM, OPM3 or any such quality models are examples. Project product process can be defined and is expected to comply until project closure.

Flow charts, Cost-benefit analysis, benchmarking, DOE, FMEA, statistical sampling, checklists, quality control tools can help arrive at project quality metrics, process improvement plans and quality control strategies.<\/font>"}],"Subject":{"Related":"Quality Assurance, Quality Control"}},"Footer":{"PageNo":0,"Title":{"TitleText":"Quality Management"}}},{"Stamp":"pgo_4fa759522e125","Topic":"Quality Management","PageTo":"0","PageMark":"2","Header":{"PageNo":1,"Title":{"TitleText":"Quality Management"}},"Sections":{"Title":{"TitleText":"Project Quality Assurance","TitleAuthor":"K Srikanth, PMP"},"Matter":[{"Para":"Work in Progress (WIP) project should assure that it complies with project processes that were planned. Each work product of WIP is to exhibit compliance requirement. Examples of work products are project plan document, technical design document, design, testing, team meetings, work authorization etc. Project members are oriented on project processes and periodical or surprise internal or external work product audits are conducted. The auditors upon inspection notify irregularities as findings or observations to give room for corrections or declare non compliance. The team is expected to close the findings or observations to a logical closure meeting compliance requirement. Projects are rated based upon assessment by the auditors. This gives confidence level of processes followed as planned and assures product or project management quality fully comply. Project quality control tools can also be employed to gain understanding of processes.

Defined processes can become stable and stable process can be capable and capable processes can be predictable making way for continuous improvement processes. Improvement process is generally raises a tailoring request and once approved it is piloted and brought into mainstream process implementation.<\/font>"}],"Subject":{"Related":"Quality Planning, Quality Control"}},"Footer":{"PageNo":1,"Title":{"TitleText":"Quality Management"}}},{"Stamp":"pgo_4fa759522e264","Topic":"Quality Management","PageTo":"0","PageMark":"2","Header":{"PageNo":2,"Title":{"TitleText":"Quality Management"}},"Sections":{"Title":{"TitleText":"Project Quality Control","TitleAuthor":"K Srikanth, PMP"},"Matter":[{"Para":"Historical Data, Pareto chart, Cause and effect diagram, Trend Analysis, Histogram, Scatter diagram and Control chart are 7 basic quality control tools widely used in any industry. The first two are mostly used as problem identification while last three are used for problem analysis and the rest are used as a combination of both. Other tools like Measurement and analysis, Cost Benefit Analysis, DOE, FMEA, Decision matrix, Data models, Flow chart, testing, inspection, prevention etc., can be used by appropriate stake holders in their functions to imbibe quality control.<\/font>"}],"Subject":{"Related":"Quality Planning, Quality Assurance"}},"Footer":{"PageNo":2,"Title":{"TitleText":"Quality Management"}}},{"Stamp":"pgo_4faf30e239201","Topic":"Quality Management","PageTo":"0","PageMark":"2","Header":{"PageNo":3,"Title":{"TitleText":"Quality Management"}},"Sections":{"Title":{"TitleText":"PMBOK coverage","TitleAuthor":"K Srikanth, PMP"},"Matter":[{"Para":"Planning : Plan Quality

Executing : Perform Quality Assurance

Monitoring & Control : Perform Quality Control<\/font>"}],"Subject":{"Related":"PMBOK coverage"}},"Footer":{"PageNo":3,"Title":{"TitleText":"Quality Management"}}}]}