{"pageinfo":[{"Stamp":"pgo_53bf55f00b125","Topic":"Management Process Summary","PageTo":"0","PageMark":"2","Header":{"PageNo":0,"Title":{"TitleText":"Management Process Summary"}},"Sections":{"Title":{"TitleText":"Management Process Summary","TitleAuthor":"Author-Name1"},"Matter":[{"Para":"To put it in simplest term, management of the project is management process and this helps the functions of project management to perform better. Each industry and each organization in the industry may require unique project management process. The uniqueness is in effect due to the project charter or project objective itself. To highlight on the uniqueness, the project may portray itself with different characteristic. For example, Manage by Change, Manage by Innovation, Manage by Improvisation, Manage Constraints, Manage by Quality, Manage by Budget and so on. In all characteristic nature of project, project organization or project governance or project management office generally advise or govern as how the project need to be manage with a set of process. <\/font>
The processes can be proprietary or standard based. The governing office may direct and support project teams with good practices with the employing and applying appropriate tools or skills to specific subject of interest. For example, analogous estimation can be applied to estimate time or cost of similar structure based on previous experiences.<\/font>

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  • Six Sigma<\/span><\/li>
  • Kaizen<\/span><\/li>
  • Cost Of Quality (COQ)<\/span><\/li>
  • Theory of Constraints<\/span><\/li>
  • Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)<\/span><\/li>
  • Guruttam Avatar Infinity<\/span><\/li>
  • Project In a Controlled Environment (PRINCE2)<\/span><\/li><\/ul>
    or similar standards help organization help achieve project objectives consistently and when repeated help in organizational maturity or business process excellence. It is assumed here that right people assume right roles and performs impeccably as per expectations. <\/font><\/div>"}],"Subject":{"Related":"Related-Info1"}},"Footer":{"PageNo":1,"Title":{"TitleText":"Management Process Summary"}}}]}