{"pageinfo":[{"Stamp":"pgo_4fa75bbbf274f","Topic":"HR Management","PageTo":"0","PageMark":"2","Header":{"PageNo":0,"Title":{"TitleText":"Human resource management"}},"Sections":{"Title":{"TitleText":"Human Resource Plan","TitleAuthor":"K Srikanth, PMP"},"Matter":[{"Para":"Apart from key stakeholders identified during project start (initial organisation) project manager while preparing project management plan and activities related to scope, the project manager identifies next group of stakeholders (scope fulfilling stakeholders). To be precise time management estimates the human resources required for the project along with reporting relationship or resource breakdown structure. With these inputs HR planning is taken forward and stopping management plan (resource calendar, training needs etc.,), organisational behaviour (behavioural science) is understood. It is very important for the success of the project to define the roles and responsibilities. As how important is to select the right resource for the project, roles and responsibilities definitions is equally important. Most project failure happens due to this (no right mix, no clear roles and responsibilities). Hence, various formats are available to clearly define. E.g. Text format, matrix (RAM-RACI) format, hierarchical format (RBS).<\/font>"}],"Subject":{"Related":"RBS, Staffing plans, Behavioral science"}},"Footer":{"PageNo":0,"Title":{"TitleText":"Human resource management"}}},{"Stamp":"pgo_4fa75bbbf3573","Topic":"HR Management","PageTo":"0","PageMark":"2","Header":{"PageNo":1,"Title":{"TitleText":"Human resource management"}},"Sections":{"Title":{"TitleText":"WIP time HR activities","TitleAuthor":"K Srikanth, PMP"},"Matter":[{"Para":"Planned resources are requested with HR manager for project implementations or scope fulfilment. Negotiation may take place for critical or constrained (administrative, budgetary etc.,) resources. Upon acquisition of resources as project progresses, resources have to be motivated, appraised and managed. E.g. during initial stages of WIP team development activity might be initiated (forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning), ground rules and expectations set, leaders identified, leadership lessons imparted etc. Also team members are observed on their performances from time to time and any wrong perceptions are nullified appraising members performance by re-clarifying expectations in a positive way. Common perceptions are social, selective, projection, stereo type, hallo effect. Perceptions that inhibit interactions among team member should be addressed. Example, design team members think architect team does not possess the required knowledge and vice versa. Challenges in terms of conflicts may occur within the team members which also need to be addressed. Example, Old employee taking advantage of his loyalty with other team members, grape wine discussions, non-communicator, and blame game across teams etc. Conflict management techniques such as confronting, collaborating, smoothing, forcing, compromising, avoiding etc., can be employed to resolve. Project manager is expected to have the skills such as leading, directing, telling, selling, negotiating, participating, decision making, empowering, influencing etc., to successfully manage members and project outcome.<\/font>"}],"Subject":{"Related":"Team acquisition, Team Building, Manage Team, IP & GM skills"}},"Footer":{"PageNo":1,"Title":{"TitleText":"Human resource management"}}},{"Stamp":"pgo_4fa75bbbf3790","Topic":"HR Management","PageTo":"0","PageMark":"2","Header":{"PageNo":2,"Title":{"TitleText":"Human resource management"}},"Sections":{"Title":{"TitleText":"Closure time HR activities","TitleAuthor":"K Srikanth, PMP"},"Matter":[{"Para":"Project members are released back to the resource pool as soon as the project is closed. Skills newly acquired from project experience are updated to HR talent database. Outstanding performers receive honour of awards and recognition for their role in the project and celebration party in general may be conducted to indicate thanks giving to the members and close the project.<\/font>"}],"Subject":{"Related":"Team adjourning, Resource pool, Skill acquistion"}},"Footer":{"PageNo":2,"Title":{"TitleText":"Human resource management"}}},{"Stamp":"pgo_4faf32e05b11c","Topic":"HR Management","PageTo":"0","PageMark":"2","Header":{"PageNo":3,"Title":{"TitleText":"Human resource management"}},"Sections":{"Title":{"TitleText":"PMBOK coverage","TitleAuthor":"K Srikanth, PMP"},"Matter":[{"Para":"Planning: Plan Human Resource

Executing: Acquire Team, Develop Team, Manage Team<\/font>"}],"Subject":{"Related":"PMBOK coverage"}},"Footer":{"PageNo":3,"Title":{"TitleText":"Human resource management"}}}]}