{"discuss":[{"ddate":"12-Apr-2013 09:16","dcontact":"MDLUuk","dtext":"1) What is different between duration estimates and effort estimates","dtags":"Estimation","darch":"0"},{"ddate":"13-Apr-2013 09:51","dcontact":"MCeWiV","dtext":"Hi Balaji, Assume it will take 1 day(8hrs) with 1 resource to complete a task named de-installation (of a Decommissioning work package) , then , effort estimates for 3 resources would be n times 1 day work , then = 3 x 8hrs = 24hrs","dtags":"Work Contours","darch":"0"},{"ddate":"13-Apr-2013 10:07","dcontact":"MDLUuk","dtext":"Can you please clarify these point also with examples if possible.\n2) Is Rolling wave planning similar to progressive planning.\n3) Alternatives Analysis: Identifying the best resource, recruiting \/ outsourcing,buy \/make decision\n4) Bottom-up Estimating - need more explanation and not able to get clarity\n5) Publishing estimate: is that similar to consultant with the per hr cost.\n6) Few EG on Discretionary dependency\n7) Analogous (top down): Comparing with your historical date (MPP) taking inputs\n8) Parametric\/Quantity-Based Estimating:","dtags":"Estimation","darch":"0"}]}