{"discuss":[{"ddate":"16-Apr-2013 01:11","dcontact":"MDLUuk","dtext":"1) How does Appraisal comes under cost of quality","dtags":"CoQ","darch":"0"},{"ddate":"16-Apr-2013 08:11","dcontact":"MCeWiV","dtext":"Most of us get carried away by the word appraisal because we only hear it from when human resource staff meets us half-yearly or annually.<br>Let us explain in a different way to understand what appraisal mean. <br>Let us say you are planning to buy a Flat built by three builders.<br>Following is basic list which I guess you would agree to do review<br>1. Check authenticity of the Flat ownership with builder<br>2. Check quality of materials used in the building<br>3. Check specification of the building<br>4. Check track record of the builder<br>5. Check functional usability of the building<br>6. Check zero-deviations set by land approval authorities.<br>7. List continues<br><br>Basically you are qualifying the building and would give say yes I buy Flat-A if only it passes through appraisal. <br>As in HR appraisal, its staff would want to ensure that assigned roles and responsibility is fully applied in project by working member.<br><br>So, instead of paying penalty on deviations to regulatory authorities (which is Rework cost - Cost of Poor Quality) ensure a proper appraisal system that would help to ensure Cost of Good Quality (Preventive cost - to get to know rules of regulatory bodies, followed by applying your decision process (appraisal cost - above checks). <br>Cost Of Good Quality = CoGQ, <br>Cost Of Poor Quality = CoPQ, <br><br>IF CoGQ - CoPQ &gt; 0, then you have done a good job. <br>&nbsp;That means, <br>&nbsp;a) you have ensure that people are aware about what to check (preventive cost)<br>&nbsp;b) you have set the scope of review\/decision\/appraisal to make a correct choice (appraisal cost)<br>ElSE <br>&nbsp; CoGQ - CoPQ &lt; 0, then you have done a poor job.<br>&nbsp; That means,<br>&nbsp; a) you have given no room for knowing what to check<br>&nbsp; b) you have not set a system to appraise things.<br>&nbsp; <br>Hope it helped.","dtags":"CoQ","darch":"0"},{"ddate":"17-Apr-2013 03:38","dcontact":"MCdHp1","dtext":"Is there a way to quantify CoGQ and CoPQ, since these term means different things in different projects !","dtags":"","darch":"0"}]}