Education Platform Solution Education Platform Solution (EPS)

What would you do if you buy a new notebook from a bookstore? You may either want to use it for teaching or learning.

Guruttam© software as service is as simple as that. It can be used by a Mentor (guru or teacher, parent, employer, community head, skilled colleague, learned, etc) to start training programs, author topics, share, assess, feedback, discuss (all progressively) to those Mentee (kids at home, school or college student, employee, unskilled colleague, learner etc.). Virtually you can start an institute with this. So you decide, as what you want to have.

This is not a school management system or plain vanilla learning management system
Please refer our feature highlights for few comparison as why it is not so.
Following are demo slides about Guruttam © software.

Trainee perspective of Guruttam educational mobile webapp. Demo Samples - Topics, Slides, Forum etc are given. Trainer / author configures & has different perspective . If you wish to try please leave your comments. Guruttam is a copyright software.

Management Education Solution Management Education Solution (MES)

We impart online and in person training sessions on Project Management to corporate and professionals (e.g. for CAPM / PMP certification aspirants) . Our team is also capable of providing Safety, Health, Environment, Security, Quality (SHESQ), Corporate Governance, Risks(e.g forensic accounting) Compliance, Strategy, and Business management training. We also provide private tuition to those budding aspirants wanting to learn Hindi language.

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